The package.tgz is a compressed file containing all the files you would need when building up your applications. For example,

  • executable files
  • libraries
  • UI files
  • configuration files

You can use pkg_make_package function to create the package.tgz. For more details about how to create the package.tgz, please refer to
Pack Stage: SynoBuildConf/install.

After you install your package, Package Center will extract package.tgz to @appstore folder (/volume?/@appstore/ with the assigned volume or /usr/local/packages/@appstore/). In addition, Package Center will also create a soft link in /var/packages/[package identity]/target and point to the assigned folder.


  1. In DSM 5.2 or older, package.tgz must be tgz format.
  2. In DSM 6.0 or newer, package.tgz can be tgz or xz format, but the file name must be package.tgz.