The “INFO” file is used to describe the information of the package. Package Center will search for information on how to control the installation, un-installation, upgrading, starting and stopping processes and listings in Package Center. For example, if you would like the package to be dependent on some services, you can define the key as install_dep_services. If you would like to restart some services after the installation process, you can define the key as instuninst_restart_services. Package Center will put the “INFO” file to /var/packages/[package identify]/INFO after the package is installed.

INFO Field Format:

Each piece of information in the INFO file is defined by key/value pairs separated by an equals sign
e.g. key="value".

Note: All words in key and value are case sensitive.

INFO Field List:

There are many fields in an INFO file. We can divide them into two groups:

The following are some Code Words for the INFO field list:

  • apache-sys = apache daemon listening on DSM ports (e.g. 5000 or 5001)
  • apache-web = apache daemon listening on Web Station ports (e.g. 80 or 443).
  • mdns = Multicast DNS Service Discovery
  • db = MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • apple network = Apple Network
  • nfs = NFS
  • ssh = SSH, Secure Shell
  • pgsql = PostgreSQL

The version of DSM requirement means key/value pairs in INFO works correctly in the minimum version of DSM.

Writing INFO File:

Instead of writing the INFO file by yourself, we have provided useful helper functions in Package Toolkit that will help you create the INFO file. Please refer to Pack Stage: