Config Update

Some workers support config update after package installation. /usr/syno/sbin/synopkgheler should be used to accomplish the job. Below are the steps to update the config:

  1. Update the content of config file under /var/packages/${package}/target/.
  2. Execute the command /usr/syno/sbin/synopkghelper update <package> <resource-id> to trigger the corresponding worker to update the config.

For example, suppose a package allows the user to edit its listening port and needs to trigger the Port config worker for update:

  1. Provide the user some UI to input the port number.
  2. After receiving the new port number, update the config file under /var/packages/${package/target/.
  3. Execute the command /usr/syno/sbin/synopkghelper update ${package} protocol_file, the worker will re-read the config file and reload firewall and portforwarding.

NOTE Not all worker supports config update, please refer to the Updatable section of each worker.