Submitting the Package for Approval

Before you publish your package in Package Center and distribute it to users, you need to get the package (the SPK file) ready, test it, and prepare your promotion materials if needed. Please see the checklist below before submitting your package to us.

Confirm Package Size

The overall size of your package can affect its design and how you publish it in Package Center. Currently, the maximum size for a SPK file published on Package Center is 100MB.

Free or Paid Package

In Package Center, you can publish free or paid packages. Free packages can be downloaded by any user in Package Center. Paid apps can be downloaded only by users who have a registered Synology Account.

Deciding whether your package will be free or paid is important because free packages must remain free.

  • Once your package is published as a free one, you cannot change it to a paid package.
  • If you publish your package as a paid one, you can change it to free at any time (but cannot be changed back to paid).
  • If your package is paid, you need to set up a Synology Checkout Merchant Account before the package can be published.
  • For queries about the Synology Checkout Merchant Account, you can contact

Set a Price for Your Package

If you have a paid package, Synology lets you set prices for your package only in US currency for users in markets around the world. Before you publish, consider how you will price your package and what your price will be in various currencies.

Prepare Screenshots

When you publish in Package Center, you must supply a variety of high-quality screen-shots to showcase your package or brand. After you publish, they will appear on your package details page, or elsewhere. These screen-shots are a key part of a successful package details page that will attract and engage users. Therefore, you may also consider hiring a professional to produce them for you.

Submit Your Package

When you are ready to publish, send an email to a Synology specialist to make your submission.

Make sure that:

  • You have applied through Synology Dev Center and become an authorized developer.
  • Your package is the right version.
  • You provide a download link for your package.
  • You provide a package description with what it does.
  • You provide a change log with what was updated in this version.
  • Package pricing is set to be free or paid (for the first time submission).
  • The link to your website and the support email address is correct.
  • You have acknowledged that your package meets the Developer Distribution Agreement and also the Terms of Service from Package Center.