Package User & Group

During package installation, package center uses the package name to create a user and group for the package. And their uid / gid will be the same number, which lies between 100000 and 300000. Failure on user / group creation will cause package installation to abort. If a custom user and group name is preferred, see privilege specification.

User & Group Creation

Newly created user and group will have the below configuration:

# /etc/passwd

# /etc/shadow

# /etc/group

UI Behavior

Package users and groups will not appear on most UI settings. Including the following:

  • Application privilege's permission viewer
  • FPT's chroot user selector
  • File Stations's
    • Change owner
    • Shared Links Manager -> Enable secure sharing

The only exceptions are:

  • Control Panel > Shared Folder > Edit > Permission > System internal user
  • ACL editor

Creation Policy

When the package user / group name conflicts with a local user / group, it will be renamed by adding a $PKG${time} postfix at the end. The renaming policy is showed below: