To integrate an application into Synology DSM 3.0 or later, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a folder under the directory /usr/syno/synoman/webman/3rdparty/.
  2. Create a text file named "config" in your folder.
  3. Under the same directory, create a sub-folder named after your application, such as /usr/syno/synoman/webman/3rdpaty/[package name]/. Put all UI related components, such as images, CSS, and CGI in the directory.

In the INFO file, you can define the key dsmuidir, whose value is a DSM directory name in the package.tgz file. Package Center will automatically link/unlink it to /usr/syno/synoman/webman/3rdparty/[package name] based on the key when you start/stop the package. You should also define dsmappname in the INFO file to integrate the package with DSM applications. Please refer to dsmuidir and dsmappname key in Optional Fields section for more information to link the folder automatically.

Next we will discuss the details of UI configuration.