Install Toolkit

This tutorial consists of two parts:

  • Pre-built environment
  • Front-end scripts

Toolkit Installation:

To install the tookit, simply refer to the following steps. First, you need to clone the front-end scripts from this link to your toolkit base. (For DSM 5.x, use this link instead.)

We will use /toolkit as toolkit base in this document from now on.

mkdir -p /toolkit
git clone {{ book.externalLinks.pkgscripts }} pkgscripts

Pre-build Environment:

For faster development, we have prepared several build environments that depend on different architectures for package developers. You don't have to worry about the necessary built-time libraries (.a and .so) and header files(.h and .hpp) when you are developing your package. This is because the build environments already contain some pre-built projects whose executable binaries or shared libraries are built on DSM, for example, zlib, libxml2, and so on.

Frond-end Scripts:

We have also provided front-end scripts in a folder named “pkgscripts” to make the environment deployment, package compilation, and creation of the final package SPK file easier. In most cases, you only need to use these three scripts while developing a package:

  • EnvDeploy
  • include/

The next section will guide you through how to establish a build environment and create a Synology Package by using Package Toolkit.