Appendix A: Platform and Arch Value Mapping Table

The architecture of the NAS is developed upon various platforms on which your package is designed and needs to be addressed in the INFO file in the package.

In the below table, you will find the string value corresponding to the platform in question. For example, if the platform of your NAS is Marvell Kirkwood, 88F6281, the value that should to be provided as a pair of the arch key is 88f6281.

Please check the platforms of the NAS to be supported and refer to the table below for their corresponding string values:

Platform Name Arch Value
Marvell Kirkwood, 88F6281 88f6281
Marvell Kirkwood, 88F6282 88f6282
Intel Atom D410/D510 (Pineview) x86
Intel Atom D2700 (Cedarview) cedarview
Intel SandyBridge, Intel IvyBridge, Intel Haswell bromolow
Marvell Armada 370 armada370
Marvell Armada 375 armada375
Marvell Armada XP armadaxp
Annapurnalabs, Alpine alpine/alpine4k
Mindspeed, Comcerto, C2000 comcerto2k
Intel Atom CE SoC evansport
No platform dependency noarch